GanttPV 0.11b

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    Windows 8

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    January 30, 2022

  • "Manage your projects by controlling the tasks to be performed"

The management of all kinds of projects has ceased to be a mess with GanttPV, a complete program that allows you to keep track of all pending tasks to meet the established times. Regardless of whether each project to be dealt with is individual or group, the various processes are detailed in their interface with data such as total duration and start date.

Both business and educational projects can be managed by GanttPV in a very intuitive way. It is sufficient to add the tasks to be carried out over the next few days, provided that all of them are carried out taking into account the available time margins. The program integrates a calendar so as not to exceed the number of days and to mark each day in which you have dedicated yourself to the project in question.

Adding tasks is as easy as using a keyboard shortcut. The simplicity is also given in the rest of management processes of any project, so that even if you are not too organized person will comply with the plan without you find chaotic control of the tasks that each member of the group must do.